What We Do

CAN-DO Energy Services’ objective is to provide specialized High Pressure Water Jet Perforation (WJP) services that will increase access to oil and gas Reservoir’s in both old and new well bores.

The WJP technique has been perfected over the past 13+ years and provides proven results to increase the flow of oil/gas to the well bore. The WJP method is an inexpensive alternative to other methods, such as traditional Fracing techniques, which have been proven effective in reviving old wells that no longer produce oil efficiently.

The WJP method can also be used to supplement traditional Fracing to expand the reach of the Frac in new and existing oil wells. In most cases, the WJP method costs about 10% of the cost of Fracing while expanding the reach of the oil flow in 100 meters in each direction (4-8 deferent directions) around the well. WJP is an excellent option for oil/gas well producers when funds for servicing wells are reduced by periods of low prices per barrel in the marketplace, as well as when Fracing is becoming a public relations issue, this can be your method of long reach outside the near well bore. (Anytime)

CAN-DO Energy Services does not stop there!

  • Water Jet Perforations
  • High Presure Wax Clean-Outs
  • Laboratory Services
  • Chemical Services
  • Chemical(spot) Injection
  • Tubing Descaling
  • Pressure Testing
  • Earthborn Environmentally Friendly (Acid)
  • MagnaSeal Cement (liquid cement)
  • Well Site Consulting Services
  • Engineering Services

Thank You for your interest!